A simple, unbounded hashtable for Java
MegaMap is a Java implementation of a map (or hashtable) that can store an unbounded amount of data, limited only by the amount of disk space available. Objects stored in the map are persisted to disk. Good performance is achieved by an in-memory cache. The MegaMap can, for all practical reasons, be thought of as a map implementation with unlimited storage space.

Additionally, individual MegaMaps can be configured to persist their contents between virtual machine invocations. This results in a straightforward, rudimentary persistence engine.

MegaMap is thread-safe.

MegaMap uses the sturdy and reliable Ehcache for its disk storage. Some data structures use the Apache Commons Collections. Standardized logging is achieved with the Apache Commons Logging.

MegaMap 0.9 Released 01.27.2005
This release is a fully-functional beta. No bugs are known, but it has not seen a lot of time in production systems.